ACT is now open at its new location: 8501 Ladue Lane, Tampa, 33614. Our Lemon St. location is now closed!
Call for more information. (813) 250-3900


ACT has spayed
and neutered
over 100,000 pets

As of our 10th Anniversary,

Open 6 days

• Vaccines
• Exams
• Spay/Neuter
• Surgeries
• Dentals

We are your affordable
solution for


Second Monday
of each month


8501 Ladue Lane
Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (813) 250-3900

Spay/Neuter by Appointment
To schedule at appointment
call (813) 250-3900

Wellness Clinic (Full Veterinary Services)
Monday-Saturday (Walk In or Appointment)
10:00am – 3:00pm

Fast Track Shot Clinic (Healthy Visit & Shots ONLY)
Monday-Saturday (Walk in or Appointment)
10:00am – 3:00pm 

Surgery Intake (Feral Spay/Neuter Walk In – Pet Surgery Appointments –
Prescription Refill Pickup –
Book Appointments – Questions)

7:30am Surgery Pickup Same Day at 5:00pm

Dog Park 101: educational materials to learn about dog’s body language and safety. These images promote safety in dog parks and in dog play through community education.

Infographics created by artist Lili Chin, Dr. Jessica Hekman and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

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News, Events and Helpful Information

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