The Animal Coalition of Tampa saves lives!

To Whom it May Concern,

The Animal Coalition of Tampa saves lives.  They give hope and they empower us to make a difference.

When I first saw the bloodied and sickly white cat walking across my lawn day after day I felt helpless. I didn’t know where to turn. How would I trap this wounded animal? Even if I knew how, or did trap it where would I take it? On a limited budget I certainly could not afford a conventional veterinarian. I was scared to call Animal Control because I knew the cat would be euthanized.

A chance encounter with a customer at a yard sale changed my life. She mentioned something about liking cats, I told her the story and as luck would have it she was an employee of A.C.T.

I contacted them the next day, borrowed a trap and the rest is history.  The people were so kind and explained everything I needed to know.  They comforted me when I broke down upon dropping him off . They encouraged me to continue helping and made me realize that I could make a difference.  I could not have saved him without the clinic.  Needless to say, “Chalky” as he is now known has a very different life than he did 4 years ago….

He is now a happy and healthy house cat!  The Animal Coalition changed me, they changed my life. They took away the feelings of helplessness and fear that I had when I saw an animal on the street. The education they give and the low cost services they provide are such a valued asset to my community and I would personality be devastated if they were no longer here.

No animal is beyond help.  A.C.T taught me this and because of them I will continue to spread the word and educate everyone I can!

Nicolle Azar Thompson