Florida Animal Friend Awards ACT Grant

Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) is proud to be a Florida Animal Friend grant recipient! We are working with the residents of Riverside Heights to implement our Spay It Forward Program. By purchasing a Florida Animal Friend License Plate, you help fund free and low-cost spay and neuter programs across the state. Your individual annual donation adds up to dozens of large grants which are professionally implemented and evaluated. If you already have a Florida Animal Friend plate and want to switch to the newly re-designed plate, you will need to order a new plate or wait until your ten-year renewal time.

Florida Animal Friend receives $25.00 for each spay/neuter license plate that is purchased (and renewed each year). These funds are used exclusively to help end cat and dog overpopulation by increasing spay and neuter surgeries in the state.
Help end pet overpopulation and purchase a Florida Animal Friend License Plate today!